rosswood: (someone needs to learn white balance)
Alex Kralie ([personal profile] rosswood) wrote2015-12-13 09:50 pm
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permissions post

Backtagging: heck yea
Threadhopping: heck yea, assuming everyone's cool with it
Fourthwalling: not a fan
Canon-puncture: already exists in his universe, so go for it
Offensive subjects (elaborate): none for me

Hugging this character: good luck with that??
Kissing this character: no thanks
Flirting with this character: you can but you will receive little to no follow-up from mr. kralie here
Sexing this character up: not likely. at this point in his canon he's spoken for.
Fighting with this character: heck yea
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): heck yea. fuck him up. he deserves it.
Killing this character: sure but please check with me first
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: sure but please check with me first. he's got some fucked up shit in that grapefruit yo
Warnings: he'll react poorly to anything that involves stalking, eldritch abominations, telepathy/mind-reading, and any kind of glitching/distortion/static

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