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So how was the event?

Also how's the whole spy investigation thing going?
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Meaning what exactly? :(
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[Ah. God.]

What happened? was an event
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[...Well, shit.

She can't help but stare at the screen of her phone for several minutes, reading and re-reading his messages, trying to convince herself that she misunderstood. But she didn't, of course she didn't- this is Alex Kralie she's talking to.

But the Alex from a few months ago would have felt sorry for it- would've rather let himself get hunted down than hurt a friend. He proved it! To Max and to Chloe...

All that progress and effort gone. Because Wonderland fucking felt like it, because it sent him home for four years of god knows what trauma and pain.

Who is he anymore, even? She doesn't know. They haven't talked.]

god alex it was an event

fuck that
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thats not you

thats not the alex i know

[...And neither is this person she's texting, maybe.

No. She won't accept that. They're friends... even if he doesn't think so. She won't give up on him, whatever else he wants from her.]

thats not the alex whos thinking strainght and in control
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who were they?

tell me so we can talk to them and fix this

so you can march over and apologize
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enough with the dramatic self-depreciation bullshit ok? people get how it works here, people know what its like

you wouldnt have done it if it wasnt an event

so who were they? tell me anyway
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[Hey wow Kralie, that's mean- and she's not going to answer that because he has a point and they both know it.]

because we're actually literally friends Alex. You probably forgot but I haven.t
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[Chloe was human... thank god.]

you already tried that once remember? i forgave you that time

and these other people will too
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[personal profile] mypartnerintime 2016-08-21 03:30 am (UTC)(link) do you. its not like youre out to kill us Alex.

[oocly: ahahaha]

you died to save me once, you know.
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does handling it mean brooding in your room and hating on yourself?

cuz i have a different idea

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