rosswood: (it's so david lynchian)
Alex Kralie ([personal profile] rosswood) wrote2015-12-14 02:18 pm
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doc ([personal profile] abelmedic)
barney ([personal profile] accelerate)
super agent ([personal profile] agentxthirteen)
cordelia ([personal profile] allaboutme)
literally jane doe ([personal profile] nextfate)
tech girl ([personal profile] araneidal)
puns ([personal profile] backpacking)
sly cooper ([personal profile] beatupgrass)
wash ([personal profile] beforeblue)
rock???? girl?????? ([personal profile] beyourrock)
psychic girl ([personal profile] brainleak)
overcharging asshole ([personal profile] charlastan)
old timey person ([personal profile] circlejerked)
alice ([personal profile] curiousher)
gullible ([personal profile] cuteshit)
goat thing ([personal profile] didntknowbest)
lay off on the ambien ([personal profile] dreamsoftreacle)
your mom ([personal profile] exceedinglybright)
pony guy ([personal profile] eyething)
john begone ([personal profile] failedparenting)
prince ferrari ([personal profile] fatherlesskind)
the worst fucking scientist ever ([personal profile] forsker)
demonic shitchild ([personal profile] fulllifeconsequences)
LITERAL DEMON ([personal profile] ghflskhu_ph)
some kid ([personal profile] henrydaniel)
dog lady ([personal profile] heroica)
scottish science man ([personal profile] hypoxic)
arthur jerkland ([personal profile] knackered)
jay jr. ([personal profile] krmvgivv)
simon ([personal profile] luckynumberthree)
bubblegum no literally she's bubblegum ([personal profile] monosaccharide)
bird boy ([personal profile] mourning_ghost)
dean ([personal profile] mulletrock)
brainiac ([personal profile] mviw)
max's friend (murderous shitbag) ([personal profile] mypartnerincrime)
max ([personal profile] mypartnerintime)
iron man ([personal profile] narcissistictendencies)
surprisingly badass (ow) ([personal profile] nascensibility)
nurse girl ([personal profile] naughty_nurse)
badassitude ([personal profile] normandysbest)
guy who has a fucking CAR ([personal profile] ofletters)
QUEEN OF HEARTS (has spy?) ([personal profile] onlyredroses)
mabel (the cool one) ([personal profile] powerofmabel)
boneman ([personal profile] punful)
dr. phil ([personal profile] radiopalkiller)
spaceman ([personal profile] righthemisphere)
sheriff blondie ([personal profile] sheriffing)
gnome kid ([personal profile] singloversing)
key lime pie ([personal profile] slapfight)
jack ([personal profile] son_of_a_taint)
calendar girl ([personal profile] sorryitasedyou
faith ([personal profile] sponsored)
ranger rick ([personal profile] suicidemission)
therapist lady ([personal profile] therapize)
blake ([personal profile] thinblueline)
government??? ([personal profile] tremoring)
portal b gone ([personal profile] uncaging)
satan??? yeah right ([personal profile] walkingheroin)
maggy ([personal profile] wickedwest)
red ([personal profile] widows_kiss)
get fucked genius ([personal profile] wriggedywrecked)
angel ([personal profile] vampdetective)
zombieville ltd ([personal profile] voiceinthedark)

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