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Character Name: Alex Kralie
Series: Marble Hornets
Timeline: Post-Entry #71 (speculated to take place around the back-end of August of 2006 so I’ll go with that)
Canon Resource Link: The Marble Hornets wiki has a rundown of his personality and history over yonder.
Character History:

Alex was born in Alabama on April 4, 1986. Even from an early age, there’s evidence he was stalked by the Slender Man-esque antagonist of the series, a faceless, business-suited eldritch abomination known only as the Operator. Alex wasn’t aware of this, however, and so would go on to become an artsy pretentious film student by the time he hit college. Come the summer of 2006, Alex had recruited most of his friends into working with him on his student film project, Marble Hornets, which had very little to do with marbles or hornets, and was jam-packed full of hilariously shitty student film dialogue. It also happened to be a project about which Alex was, unfortunately, 100% genuine.

That is, until shit got real. One of the people who volunteered to work with Alex on his project was a guy named Tim, who also had an unfortunate childhood history with the Operator. Unbeknownst to anyone else involved with the project - including Tim himself - this association “infected” everyone who knew Tim, leading them all to start seeing this tall, dark, and faceless anomaly in the corners of their vision. Alex got ensnared in the effects sooner than the others, and consequently got catapulted into an all-consuming paranoia. His typically witty, sarcastic personality devolved into a snappish and outright rude one. He became argumentative and antagonistic. He frequently lashed out at his friends, wallpapered his room with scribbled images of the Operator, slept far less, and started filming himself at all times. As time wore on, the Operator’s effect on him escalated to the point where he became convinced that to stop the hallucinations and wipe the Operator’s influence from the world, he had to kill everyone who was associated with it, and therefore had to murder the entire cast and crew of Marble Hornets.

This was not a wise move on Alex’s part, considering that the Operator was more or less puppeteering him into wreaking this kind of mindless chaos at this point, but Alex had gone off the deep end. He periodically led each of his friends to an abandoned location under the pretense of needing to film some B-roll, then ditched them for the Operator to do...whatever it does to people it catches, which is confirmed to be highly unpleasant, sanity-draining, and possibly fatal. He didn’t do a very thorough job, however, as more than one person wound up escaping from their intended fate. Once Alex was satisfied that he’d “purged” the virus from the minds of everyone he knew (by KILLING THEM but logic wasn’t his strong suit in this state), he filmed a “confession” in which he claimed that everyone was “gone” and that he would be burning the tapes with all the evidence on them, leaving this entire disaster far behind him. Unfortunately for that plan, he would later get a visit from one of the survivors of his film project, a man named Jay, who was curious about why Alex cut the project short and asked if he could have the tapes involving the unused Marble Hornets footage. After some brief disagreement, Alex handed them over - the ones he hadn’t already burned, anyway - only to suffer a change of heart immediately afterward and strangle Jay into unconsciousness. The aftermath of this event isn’t clear, as Jay would later wake up with the tapes without any memory that the encounter had ever gone so violently. This closed off that fateful summer of 2006, the canon point from which I'll be taking him. After that, Alex went on to move out of the area and in with his girlfriend Amy, and got three whole years of relative quiet to himself.

His role in future events is largely that of a secondary antagonist. Once Jay rediscovers the Marble Hornets tapes and goes off in search of Alex, he ends up unearthing a whole closet full of skeletons that makes Alex extremely unhappy. Alex strings Jay along under the pretense of needing to find a vanished Amy (whom Alex is implied to have murdered at a later point because Alex is a very bad man), only to make several attempts on Jay’s life later. He persistently tails Jay and the handful of other people that get involved in Jay’s mess, allies and enemies alike. By the series’ end, the Alex Kralie we know is all but gone. This was later confirmed by the character’s actor, who would go on to say that, like basically everyone else in the series, Alex was a “victim”. He essentially got hollowed out to be the Operator’s puppet, doggedly running on the premise that he was erasing the people who were spreading knowledge of the Operator, but all along he was really “feeding” it. Alex succeeds in killing Jay by shooting him through the gut, but later gets speared in the throat by a furious ally in recompense. His final words in the series? “If there’s anyone left, you have to kill them. And then yourself.” Cheery boy, our Alex.

 Abilities/Special Powers:

He’s just a normal human, so no particular special abilities unless you count a completely involuntary ability to affect electronic devices with infrequent bursts of static and audiovisual distortion. It's little more than a residual side-effect of running into the Operator a bunch and is totally beyond Alex's control.
Third-Person Sample:

It's like an itch, lingering in the back of his head. It's that thing putting him through the goddamn wringer again, playing mind tricks, running his brain through loops on fire. What's that Greek story with the guy and the boulder? Christ, he wouldn't know. He didn't pay much attention to Greek history or whatever the hell.

His fingers flex, closing around a camera that doesn't exist. He'll have to get used to that reflex too, won't he. No camera. No second lens for seeing around corners and watching his back. Anything could be looking at him, poised over his shoulder, leering at the back of his head and there is nothing he can do about it. It grates. He's done this before, and it didn't suck any less then, either. All he can do at this point is grit his teeth and stomach it. Wonderland, right? Whatever kind of complicated hallucination this is, whatever that thing wants from him this go around, he'll undo it and get out, just like he has before. That's what he does. He survives. No matter what's asked of him, he'll do it, whatever it takes.

That being said, the place isn't bad, per se. It's not the worst random hellscape to end up trapped in, especially considering the static-scratched forests filled with bony splayed limbs that've been the subject of his nightmares for the better part of a year. Or, maybe, longer? He can't remember anymore. Time stopped having a meaning a long damn while ago. It's like this place was all primed and ready for him in that way.

For now, he's done little besides investigate the room he's unceremoniously claimed as his own, and then prowl the Gardens for some sign of the thin slip of nightmare that always fringes the periphery of his vision. Better the Gardens than the Forest, at least. He thought he was done with this, the sleepless nights and the ragged paranoia, but apparently he was wrong. Apparently this is something that just never goes away. Wonderland or not, he'll be darting looks over his shoulder for the rest of his damn life. Maybe it's just the verdant backdrop. Maybe it's just nerves.

And maybe he should've just stuck to the Library.
First-Person Sample:

[He gets a whole sentence written out in text, something along the lines of a generic Seinfeld-ian 'so what's the deal with all these MIRRORS?' He stares at his attempt at levity dully, sighs, then hits the delete key over and over until the entire shitty opening 'joke' - and he uses the term loosely - has been purged from existence. He's not in any great hurry to test out the video or audio feeds on this thing. Chances are it'll just glitch out like everything else. So, text messages it is.]

alright. heres my big question.
there are like one shit-billion wonderland adaptations out there
which version is this one
cause honest to god im not getting a big disney vibe from this place
am i wrong?

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